Competitive Advantage Built On People
World Phone India operates on the fundamental belief that individual differences will produce genuine competitive advantages in our global market. Utilizing the diversity of our workforce, we expect to maximize our productivity and enhance the quality of work life. Respect for each individual is a core value at World Phone India.
It is our endeavor to establish and maintain an environment that
  • Values individual differences.
  • Fosters consistent, mutual respect and open communication of ideas.
  • Attracts, develops, supports, and retains a diverse workforce with the ability to compete in the global market.
  • Increases our competitive advantage by leveraging the knowledge, skills,and unique talents of our employees.
  • Aligns its processes to enhance career opportunities for all employees by working to develop each employee's full potential.
  • Provides a richer, more fertile climate for creative thinking and innovation.
  • Is recognized by employees, clients, and all other stakeholders as a fair and rewarding place to work.

Technology: We work with, or are supported by the latest computer and telecommunications technologies.

Personal Growth: We have dedicated resources, internal and external, to help you develop a wide variety of skills and knowledge. From an organizational level to an individual level, significant learning and development opportunities are present. With numerous and varied career paths, our employees have unusual flexibility and options for advancement.

Values: Our values are more than just words on a piece of paper.
At CallWPI, we operate with these values in mind:

  • Unparalleled client satisfaction.
  • Teamwork Respect for each individual.
  • Shareowner's trust.
  • Corporate citizenship Integrity.

Send your CV to and find the right opportunity for you. We will evaluate your CV make for the positions available and will contact you. You will need to provide:

  • Current contact information
  • Educational backgroun.
  • Work experience

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