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World Phone India Pvt Ltd is a top leading MVAS providers to all major telecom operators in India. We provide 360 degree services that are customer friendly, informative, easy to use and entertaining. To name some of the services: Astrology, Devotional, USSD Application, ICS (Inbound Customer Services), Outbound - Lead Generation and Conversion, Jukebox, SMSC and Short Code Services are just a handful few.

Live Astrology: Our Astrology service has grown in leaps and bounds ever since the company started its journey in the year 1998. The informative Astrological insights that we provide through this service throws light into the future guides our life just as a radar guides the ship. Our trusted and well experienced Astrologers studies the stars and its association in the Universe and provides an insight into our lives and future ranging from personal to professional life, social to political life and from the most intimate to the most mundane situations. Besides consultation with qualified Astrologers, one may also get access to their Yearly and Daily prediction, Compatibility, Numerology and other branches of Astrology. The USP of the service is accurate predictions, counseling and assurances from Live Astrologers that helps in overcoming mental stress by identifying the authentic self and determining a life path.
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Devotional: Unlike the Live Astrology Serive, the Devotional service is an IVR based service wherein the users will get an opportunity to feel the essence of being in the Mandir without actually being present physically. Besides the Darshan the users will be provided with, they will also get access to detailed information related to the significance of important temples across the country. This service serves as a medium for those who look forward to seek solace and peace of mind in the abode of the Lord, who have a strong belief and faith in the Almighty. Whether it is stories of legends related to a specific temple or the rites and rituals of the temple, the service will provide all information which is credible, authentic and reliable.
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