IVR Hosting

World Phone innovative IVR solution is ideal for self assisted customer service for inbound and blended processes that enable greater efficiency and call processing capabilities of interacting with the customer and resolving their issues. With its dedicated team of software professionals and R&D engineers, we offer IVR solutions which offer the required flexibility to suit specific requirements of a customer and delivery in least possible time, depending on the level of complexity built into the system, the solutions. The key Advantages of using World Phone’s IVR solution are:

IVR Benefits?
IVR solution enables CC agents to spend quality time on making successful business interactions.
Automation of operations
IVR takes care of callers seeking account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, flight timings, or just promotional schemes. Efficient management of agent workforce reduces the need for additional expenses on staffing and training.
IVR Designer
With our IVR designer, configuration of call flows on-the-fly for end-to-end caller experience is easy. Simple drag and drop abilities do not require knowledge of complicated programming constructs.
3rd-party database interfaces
Our IVR offers tighter integration with third party databases and allows agents to obtain the right information immediately being fetched from the underlying DB.
Reduced wait time
Our IVR enables reduction of caller wait times with the help of flexible call queue management. Callers are informed of estimated wait-times so they can call back at specific time and do not waste their time waiting during busiest hours of the day. Supervisors can monitor and manage call queues to ensure that agents are uniformly distributed across queues.
Real time and updated information
With Our IVR there is reduced dependence on humans for information retrieval and record searching, as the automatic IVR does all the work.
Ease of operations scale-up
Our IVR solution makes scaling up easier to manage at low cost and does not require heavy investment at the onset or during capacity upgrades.
Easier management
Storage and search of voice records becomes simpler based on varied formats and parameters respectively. Comprehensive reporting for supervision and QM - GUI, web-based, real-time reports for productivity and performance management.

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