OEM Integrations

Mobile Handset manufacturers are facing a certain extent of challenges in fragmentation of mobile content distribution. We, at Mobiscreen are capable of providing a robust and strong connection expertise and infrastructure, applications are strategically distributed to the appropriate markets that achieve profit maximization. We not only can provide an Mobile Store but also a variety of preloaded applications ranging from Astrology to Music to Chat and from variety of zones like Entertainment, Fun zone, Devotional .On top of that, we also safeguard your copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in the marketplaces.. We have developed a wide range of innovative, original titles utilizing the platforms currently available for mobile phones, including J2ME, Symbian, iPhone, Android and MRE. Our application, game, wallpaper and screensaver are made to serve global or specific markets. From design to development and quality control, we pay attention to the detail. Our applications are shipped with most new low end phones from basic phones to as smart as a smart phone. This allows our partners to concentrate on their core business of handset sales whilst we provide the best value added service to their end consumers. We also provide Preloaded Solutions which are customized for handset brands and ODMs based on their market strategies however they are not restricted to the device limitations. Our vision in this area is simple - focus on offering innovative and differentiated solutions to the global wireless market through OEMs and ODMs.

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