IP Based PBX Solution

Feature Rich Telephony Solution
World Phone provides all of the call management features that you would expect from an IP PBX platform, but without the costs. Unlike other solutions, we also integrates with legacy technologies such as ISDN and analogue, providing a truly converged communications. Remote Working
World Phone provides remote workers with seamless access to the voice capabilities of the office by making and receiving calls just as if they were in the same location. With additional presence and messaging features, users can chat toeach other and determine each other's availability by using a simple PC application.
Lower cost of ownership
Unlike traditional telephony systems, World Phone Enterprise Edition helps you to stream line costs. Physical infrastructure costs are reduced due to single cabling to each desk for both telephone and PC. Additional savings are made by utilizing Voiceover IP for inbound and outbound services, reducing the number of legacy ISDN or analogue circuits required, as well as benefiting from the lower rates offered by our Voice over IP network. The benefits of a converged communications platform also means that network management and maintenance costs are lowered.
Business Integration Capability
Built on open standards, we provides a number of integration points to assist in integration with existing email, CRM, ERP Business applications.Microsoft Outlook can be used with application.
Unified Messaging and Voicemail
World Phone provides advanced Voicemail features

Conferences allow participants to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. Participants can be located locally or remotely.A remote location could be just around the corner or anywhere in the world.Participants access conference rooms by either dialing an external access number or a local extension. Adding conferences is easy. Simply enter a conference name and number to create a conference, or choose from a range of advanced options such as "Enable Music on Hold", "Announce Number of Participants" and "Always prompt for a PIN".
Key benefits
Our IP Telephony solutions offer broad integration to business systems and expanded mobility, which is a benefit to any business. It's even more beneficial when that same IP telephony solution lets your business:

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